Vivid Green Emerald + Moonstone + Diamonds Ring

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Solid 14k yellow gold with two small round diamonds. two small round moonstones, and a large, central green emerald.

The diamond has the lone property to absorb all bad energy. It is a emblem of purity, eternity, and invincible spiritual power. Wearing gold promotes courage, confidence, and willpower.

Emerald is often referred to as the Love Stone, embodying harmony, compassion, and unconditional love.

Moonstones intensify your devine feminine energy. With its lunar shimmer, the moonstone’s spiritual properties help to balance your emotions and help inner growth. These crystals reflect the magical healing qualities of the moon.


Central Stone is approx. 4mm diam.

Hand-crafted in Celine D'aoust's studio in Belgium.

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Please allow for variation in stone tone and color, as all stones are natural.

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