Shalimar Ring

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Inspired by the buildings, trees and fountains within and surrounding the famed Gardens of Shalimar in Lahore. Emperor Shah Jahan was a great patronage of the arts and architecture, and built both the Taj Mahal and Shalimar Gardens as embodiments of undying love and marital devotion to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Beautifully solo or in a mixed ring stack of your own making.


14K Yellow Gold

Featuring 2x 2mm natural diamonds, 1x 2.7mm ruby and 3x 1.5mm pearls

Please keep in mind that all coloured gemstones are natural and therefore may vary in colour and cut.

Handmade in Sofia Zakia's Montreal studio.

Please contact us if you need sizes different than 43-9, would like a custom stone, rose gold, or if you have any questions!


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