Shipping & Returns


Can you ship to me? (wherever I am)

Yes! We can ship anywhere that you may desire. It should however be noted that UPS will not ship to P.O. boxes, and FedEx varies in their ability to ship to P.O. boxes. If this is of concern, please consult the appropriate carrier, or select a different shipping option.

How are your shipping rates calculated?

Our shipping rates are automatically calculated based upon the combined size and weight of the items you order. This is all done by a third-party called EasyPost. This allows us to offer you the most accurate pricing from the widest variety of carriers to get you your goods.

Can I have free shipping?

We don't currently offer free shipping, but this could change, so stay tuned.

Taxes & Duties

Outside of Canada, we do not charge sales taxes, although you may be liable to import duties on some items. You are responsible for paying import duties to your country.


Something didn't work for me. Can I return it?

Yes, Just make sure that you get in touch with us to confirm the return.