Oval Dark Pink Tourmaline Eye Ring

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The Anja Eye is one of the most important symbols in Hinduism. Often surrounded by rays of sunlight, the Anja Eye represents the eye of divine wisdom that seeks to see and know universal truths.

Solid 14k yellow gold with an oval dark pink Tourmaline, and ten diamonds.

Wearing gold promotes courage, confidence, and willpower.

The diamond has the lone property to absorb all bad energy. It is a emblem of purity, eternity, and invincible spiritual power.

Pink Tourmaline promotes all kinds of love: romance, friendship, and love for the self.

Tourmaline is approx. 5mm x 3mm

Hand-crafted in Celine D'aoust's studio in Belgium.

Please contact us for sizing inquiries, or any other questions!

Please allow for variation in stone tone and color, as all stones are natural.

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