Still Life in Rio

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"Still Life" in Rio or the Peaceful Life

While the art of light shines through this new creation, this sunny perfume is best described in terms of starlight, the primeval flicker.

Exotic and luminous, Still Life in Rio is a new and unique scent that opens with yuzu, ginger, mint and lemon essence. It blossoms and heats up with a blend of peppers, Jamaican hot peppers and coconut water, finishing with rum and Brazilian Copaiba essences.

Perfumer: Dora Baghriche @ Firmenich

Top Notes: Yuzu | Ginger | Mint | Lemon | Mandarin

Heart Notes: Jamaican Hot Peppers | Pink Pepper | Black Pepper | Coconut Water

Base Notes: Rum | Brazilian Copaiba | Accord of White Leather

Photographer: FlÌÁvio Veloso

A visual ballet spawns poetic emotion. Rio awakens‰Û_ This ever-renewing impetus is what Still Life in Rio seeks to capture: a vibrant and expanding perfume that promises a day full of light and motion.

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