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Zoom in and revel in the olfactive intensity of Close Up.

Intense and contrasting, the amber tones combine with a freshness. It has a full bodied character that blends seamlessly with anise and green coffee. Zooming in even closer, each ingredient gains in intensity and distinctness.

Perfumer: Annick Menardo @ Firmenich

Top Notes: Santos Green Coffee | Fresh Spices | Griotte Cherry

Heart Notes: White Tobacco | Patchouli | Atlas Cedar | Centifolia Rose

Base Notes: Amber | Musk | Tonka Bean

Photographer: Suren Manvelyan

Is it an eye wide open or a miniature world replete with its lands and oceans? The iris world map oscillates between the globe of an eye and a planetary globe. The heart speeds up as a result of the ‰ÛÏClose Up effect.‰Û The image is so zoomed in that we could almost touch it, smell it even. Close Up makes this wish come true. An entire universe unfurls itself in a lavish array of olfactory details. One note evokes confidence. A descent into the intimate ensues

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