Chambre Noire Eau de Parfum - 100 ml

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A sensual and mysterious fragrance, Chambre Noire reveals itself from the shadows using the spotlight of the vibrant top note. A fragrance to be shared in the privacy of some far-off hotel room. It reveals its character gradually, exuding sensual notes of leather against a backdrop of warmth and opulence.

Perfumer : Dorothée Piot @ Robertet

Shinus Jasmine, Papyrus, Violet, Incense, Prune

Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Leather

In the darkroom, shadows are promises. To satiate the obscure object of photographic desire, it is worth taking the time to do it in the dark. Isolated in this space, something from the realm of intimacy and secrecy occurs. A lover's ritual takes shape. Patience and attention are required for the enchantment to happen, for the dark to illuminate.


Clémence René-Bazin doesn't "take" pictures. Instead she forges ties with people. She spent seven years at Magnum and the same number of years as assistant to Mr. Depardon but she is no photojournalist. She doesn’t cover stories. She lives them. She worked on space, presence, and absence over the course of fifteen years of regular trips to Burkina Faso. Here, space opens to time and being, creating little moments of grace that reveal the fragility and fleeting nature of life and which make a landscape, a moment in time, or an object in the light even more precious. What catches Clémence René-Bazin's gaze is the evanescent beauty of the joy of being alive.

DOROTHÉE [email protected]

Dorothée Piot exudes contagious joie de vivre and enthusiasm. She has a confirmed taste for human rapport, exchange and sharing, ideas, flavors and scents, and loves the smell of patchouli and truffle! She has an inquisitive mind and is an epicure. Today, Dorothée is drawing inspiration from the great chefs she mingles with right in their kitchens. In her view, they are the ones who really dare to create gently contrasting combinations. "Natural" for her means being in close contact with materials and products, as well as nature. Her passion is to work these raw materials in order to sublimate them.

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