Chambre Noire

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What happens in the darkroom? Mystery.

A sensual and mysterious fragrance, Chambre Noire reveals itself from the shadows using the spotlight of the vibrant top note. A fragrance to be shared in the privacy of some far-off hotel room. It reveals its character gradually, exuding sensual notes of leather against a backdrop of warmth and opulence.

Perfumer: Dorothée Piot @ Robertet

Top Notes: Schinus

Heart Notes: Jasmine | Papyrus | Violet | Incense | Prune

Base Notes: Sandalwood | Patchouli | Musk | Vanilla | Leather

Photographer: Clémence René-Bazin

In the darkroom, shadows are promises. To satiate the obscure object of photographic desire, it is worth taking the time to do it in the dark. Isolated in this space, something from the realm of intimacy and secrecy occurs. A lover's ritual takes shape. Patience and attention are required for the enchantment to happen, for the dark to illuminate.

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