Ms. Goodbar "adore" Acrostic Ring

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This is Ms. Goodbar, a little like a Mr. Goodbar candy bar in that it's delicious! This series of acrostic rings are extra special as this ring spells out ADORE (Amethyst, Diamond, Opal, Ruby and Emerald). Acrostic jewelry was very popular in the 1800s. Using the first letter of each gemstone to spell out a word, these pieces are very special like sending a secret message to the wearer or recipient.

14K Yellow Gold + Amethyst + Diamond + Opal + Ruby + Emerald

1 amethyst measuring about 1.6mm, 1 Rose cut diamond measuring about 2mm, 1 opal measuring about 2mm, 1 ruby measuring about 2mm, 1 emerald measuring about 1.6mm

Handmade in Mason Grace's Downtown L.A. Studio

Please contact us if you would like other stone options, rose or white gold, or if you have any questions!

Please keep in mind that all coloured gemstones are natural and therefore may vary in colour and cut.

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