Magician Tarot

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Your destiny awaits in the form of these timeless tarot tiles depicting your every yearning and embodying all key principals core to our human lives. Ancient perception has it that each tile channels your every desire, so set your soul essence free to guide your choice. It may be that in discovering all of your many dilemmas, you may just embrace more than one of these beauties!

The Magician encourages manifestation and awakens a spiritual determination in your life journey.

Designed from a mixture of original drawings by Sofia Zakia, as well as classical decks by Jean Francois Alliette and Brian Williams, each card is engraved on both sides and is hand-oxidized to bring out their etchings. The reverse side of each card portrays the sun and waxing and waning moons.

The first in the Major Arcana, associated with the heavens and the Earth, the Magician is associated with new beginnings and a strong willpower to create your own inner world. As one world is created, the other will follow.

The Magician is depicted with one hand pointed to the stars, and one to the Earth, often associated with the phrase 'As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul' (Trismegistus). This formula links the macrocosm and the microcosm of the universe, letting us know that the power is within us to change the world around us.

The horizontal 8 between the Magician's hands is an ancient occult number ascribed to Hermes. It is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and means dominion of the horizontal plane. Each hand draws power from an aspect of our cosmos; one from the stars and the sun, and the other from an arbor of roses. The Magician tells us that true concentration is an unobstructed channel for passage outward and inward, and that the secret of true volition is that All magic is in the will.

14K Yellow Gold

Each card measures 23mm x 12mm x 0.9mm and can be purchased as a standalone pendant, on a 16" 14k gold, 1.1mm chain, or on a 20" 1.3mm chain.

Handmade in Sofia Zakia's Montreal studio.

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