Guthrie - Walnut + Grey Lens

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Super light, comfortable, and wearable, the Guthrie wood & polished metal sunglasses are similar to the Buddy sunglasses, but with a more rounded lens shape, nostalgic of a vintage pair of shades sussed up with a subtle & sexy twist.

Walnut with Grey lens.

These sunglasses come with the highest premium quality lenses offering 400UV polarized protection. Engineered using a proprietary layering process, the wooden frames are the sturdiest you'll find on the market featuring 10-20 wood layers and are incomparable to other wooden eyewear on the market.


All sunglasses come with a fold-able, pop-up/down case for utmost protection and sleek and easy stowing on the go.

Width: 130mm / 5.11"

This Purchase supports programming that provides guide dogs to those who are blind, have low vision, or other special needs through the Guide Dog Foundation. In contributing fifty cents per sale, together we may empower others through supporting access to our most belove natural companion, the dog.

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