Coriander - Pocket Perfume - 10mL

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Perfume Oil

Sparkling leaf, cubeb, green pepper,and cracked Ukrainian coriander seed. Cool spices and Mediterranean seabreeze - like the hills above Odessa.

Ether | Feminine | Fresh | Green | Light Bodied | Spice

TOP NOTES: Russian Coriander | Pepper | Juniper Needle

HEART NOTES: Geranium | Clove Stem | Clary Sage

BASE NOTES: Musk | Magnolia | Mace

Crafted By D.S. & Durga in Brooklyn, NY.

Coriander is also available in a 50mL and 100mL sized Eau de Parfum. Please contact us to order!

100% Vegan | Paraben + Phthalate Free | Never Tested on Animals

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