Fernanda Sibilia, Sibilia’s founder and creative director, was studying jewelry making in her native Buenos Aires when she was commissioned to make over 1 million necklaces as a promotional item for a global brand. In just a few months Fernanda hustled to design, produce and manufacture everything on time.

From this commission, the jewelry company Sibilia was born. Sibilia is every bit a reflection of Fernanda´s inspirational and colorful lifestyle. Her passion for Latin American art and countless travels throughout this part of the world have informed the colors and textures of each collection.

Fernanda is constantly researching and employing novel metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques. Like an alchemist in a lab, she manipulates bronze, copper and alpaca (a silver colored alloy) to create a rainbow of bold new colors and combinations.

20 years later, Fernanda and her talented team of over 10 artisans continue to meticulously make, by hand, jewelry and home accessories out of a full production and design studio in the Abasto neighborhood of Buenos Aires (the birthplace of tango.) Siblia is sold throughout the world in fine specialty shops and leading cultural institutions such as The Georgia O´Keefe Museum and The Art Institute in Chicago.

In 2015, Fernanda was invited to create a modern jewelry collection based on the Pre-Columbian galleries of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.