Regina Andrew Design

Passion is at the core of everything that defines Regina Andrew Design.

Passion for each other has identified Carla “Regina” Zajac and Jimi “Andrew” Slaven as the industries most beloved married couple and fuels their Artistic desires as both Chief Creatives and Executive heads of Regina Andrew Design.

Passion for design has enabled Regina Andrew Design to celebrate twenty years in business. In 1997, Regina Andrew Design was born out a charity fundraiser for “Detroit Artists” to build a “designer” dog house, where they were awarded as finalists. Today that passion is responsible for a celebrated line of over 1100 products in Home Fashion.

Passion for Detroit has kept Regina Andrew Design true to their humble roots as they continue to invest in their city – “The Motor City”. A special place that like Regina Andrew Design is defined by “hands on” hard work, deep roots in Rock N Roll, unwavering loyalty and determined optimism.

Passion for the environment runs deep at Regina Andrew Design as the company continues to repurpose recycled and reclaimed materials into objects of beauty. The company’s corporate offices and warehouses are 100% solar powered. In addition, all catalogs are printed with soy based recycled paper. Regina Andrew Design also continues to incorporate animal rescue and rehabilitation into the company’s philanthropic mission.

Passion for their customer has led Regina Andrew Design to invest in “state of the art” technologies designed provide a best of class customer experience. Customer Service is at the heart of everything Regina Andrew Design is passionate about.

Passion for their company can best be described as infectious. Continuing in their efforts to “Keep Detroit Beautiful”, Regina Andrew Design involves their employee’s input to designing work spaces and showrooms that are as beautiful as they are creative. With help of their creative staff, a 20,000-square foot fabrication and sampling workshop was built, where employees are encouraged to collaborate in the creative process.

Passion for Regina Andrew Design is creating a magical experience through its diverse product lines and enchanted showroom spaces.

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