MooMoo Designs

MooMoo Designs is an Atlanta-based wholesale line of contemporary women's jewelry, handbag, home accessories and gifts that emphasizes modern, livable design. We source sustainable materials, dyes and finishes that are not only beautiful but highly usable. Juan Hernandez, a Colombian-born expatriate who calls Atlanta home, creates most of MooMoo's designs. Juan is on the road three months of the year collaborating with our studios, tanners, craftsmen, manufacturers and factories across three continents. We cultivate longstanding relationships with each of our vendors that help ensure the quality and workmanship of our line meets the highest expectations. Using the latest environmentally sensitive manufacturing technologies, MooMoo seeks to encourage employment opportunities to impoverished townships and villages and helps to ensure the equilibrium and sustenance of South American, African and Asian wildlife populations. Our products are responsibly sourced by-products of farming industries. 

A fusion of nature's beauty and casual elegance, MooMoo's collection bring the exoticism of African wild to the urban lifestyle. MooMoo was developed by Juan Hernandez out of a lifelong passion for the uniqueness and beauty of the African, Asian and Latin American continents, including their cultures, colors, materials and peoples. Juan's passion is sharing his eye for natural beauty and design that reflects his appreciation for a woman's unique personality.