Marla Aaron

A rebellious little company, they make jewelry and other objects in New York City. Marla launched the collection in 2012 when her combined obsessions with bridges, hardware and jewelry could no longer be ignored. What began with one lock is now an entire collection of over 500 pieces designed to be worn in infinite ways. They are beautiful and people seem to love them.


Note from alchemy

Please Find a link here to an updated list off all Marla Aaron Pieces that we currently have in stock. Prices are available upon request!

Marla Aaron Jewelry Available Stock

If there is anything that we do not currently have available, we would be happy to special order it for you! 

While we do not have Marla’s pieces listed in our online store, we do have an extensive collection in store, and can special order anything that is not in stock! Please reach out to us through any of our contact avenues, and we would be more than happy to help you with questions or orders.


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