Made completely by hand in Mexico, Kalosoma jewelry is brought to life by the incredible creative spirit of designer Claudia Fernandez. A native of Mexico City, Claudia was inspired at an early age by her grandfather, an entomologist from Spain. She recalls, "we would go into the forest early in the morning in search of insects, each one of us with a glass jar in our hands. When we found a beetle, we ran to show him these jewels of nature. He taught us the scientific names of the insects we discovered, their particularities, and how to prepare them for study. He was a man who spread his enthusiasm for adventure and discovery." When Claudia began to make jewelry, the gems and stones she incorporated into her designs recaptured those walks in the forest with her grandfather, and the jeweled bodies of the insects they discovered together. The signature scarab charm on each Kalosoma piece is a reflection of this inspiration.