Priyadarshini Himatsingka

Honesty. Integrity. A love of poetry and a pursuit of beauty. Simple values Priyadarshini was raised with. Her grandfather, who passed away recently at 103, was at work until the age of 97. Proudly, she comes from a family that truly love their professions. It is the same vitality that Priya brings to her studio, and the same sincerity that she infuses into her collections.

Born in Calcutta, India, in 1975, Priyadarshini was introduced at an early age to the world of design and style while growing up in her family of textile designers. An urban person at heart, she completed her foundation work at Parsons in New York City and then went on to earn degrees in Photography and Philosophy at NYU. Eventually, she enrolled at RISD, where she studied Jewelry & Metals for the first time.

It was there in Providence, Rhode Island that Priyadarshini established her studio in 2002, out of which she continues to work. She works primarily in silver and high-karat gold, and often combines the two metals. She also offers a collection featuring rosecut diamonds––smoky stones custom cut for her studio.

Never overbearing, her extensive collection exudes stylish simplicity, and features quaint details that weave together old-fashioned elegance with modern minimalism. Each jewel is handmade, with a wabi-sabi influence, into a style that is distinctly her own. With pieces typically light in weight, almost ethereal in quality, her works are exquisitely crafted poetry for the body.

When not expressing her opinions through her jewelry and in conversation, Priyadarshini loves to spend time and travel with her two young children. She is an avid reader of The New Yorker, and an enthusiastic cook. She likes good manners, appreciates well-made things and loves a crisp glass of wine.