Hart + Stone


HART + STONE jewelry is handcrafted on Salt Spring Island, off the west coast of Canada by Emily Hartwell McPhee. Each piece is made with excellent attention to quality and detail. Using recycled gold and silver wherever possible, and doing our best to source our raw materials from places who practice ethical mining and working conditions. We use a variety of metals including solid gold, gold filled, and sterling silver.

HART + STONE is jewelry with minimalistic designs and geometric cuts. It is jewelry for the adventurer, the explorer and the lover of the earth. For the one who opts for quality over quantity and finds beauty in the simple things.


The artist and owner, Emily Hartwell McPhee, is greatly influenced by the nature that surrounds her on Salt Spring Island. She draws inspiration from the many geometric shapes that nature creates; from the prisms that crystals form, the shoreline of the beaches, to the peaks of the mountains and trees.

Emily found her love for jewelry making at an early age. She started making hemp and crystal wrapped pieces at 12. After graduating from Blanche MacDonald with a degree in Fashion design she fell back into her passion for making jewelry, founding HART + STONE in 2014.