Paula Giecco is the founder and owner of Finn – a name she chose to honor her great-grandmother, an Irish immigrant that moved to South America at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Paula was born in Argentina and became a nomad herself, living for many years in NY, Sao Paulo and Sydney. After taking jewelry classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology – FIT and ateliers in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, her first steps were creating jewels from baquelite pieces an italian beads from the eighteen hundreds that she found at drift markets in Buenos Aires and Australia. Her intention of recovering the past and transforming it is still present in her current creations, where a historical perspective, charged with artistic references, coexists with a contemporary language. Her love for colorful plastics is also still present in her designs. which used acrylic resin as primary medium, worked in detail, as if it was a noble material or a precious stone, displayed in multiple layers, facets and intrincate cuttings and curves, generating volume and sculptural pieces. The appeal of Finn’s accessories doesn’t have to do with an expensive material but with a well thought-through and preciously executed design. Paula colaborates regularly with fashion brands. All pieces are manufactured and assembled in a small atelier in Buenos Aires.