BLACK SHEEP (white light)


BLACK SHEEP (white light) was founded after a lengthy search to source a sheepskin for an interior design project — the IKEA pelts just didn’t do it for me; these did.

They were attracted to these eclectic pelts and their large scale — top that off with the fact that these skins are stamped as 'Eco-Friendly' and They were sold.

They really enjoy getting-up each morning with one under their feet and thought others would too.


All of the hides and pelts they offer are bio-degradable.

Their Icelandic sheepskins meet strict EU directives concerning environmental preservation and protection. The tanning agents used are supplied by a company awarded full certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

From a practical stand-point, you can comfortably throw a sheepskin on the bed to beat the winter chill.

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