The At-Choo Story

Once up on a time (I like fairytales) . . . in northern California where the air smelled like tomatoes in the summer and monarch butterflies went from worms to magical pilots in the breeze, a little girl sprouted. Me. Elaine Seamans. Nature fascinated me and animals were little furry packages with beautiful and kind souls.

I dreamed of helping them.

I decided to use my creativity to do that. To help humans to understand how these wee professors of love and wisdom need to be valued, adored, cherished and hopefully spoiled was my goal. They should be respected as other humans are respected. But perhaps, even more. As they are smarter, more forgiving and have that unconditional love thing that few humans get to feel. It can make hearts grow and feel rich even though there might be few bucks in
 the bank.

Along came a special weenie dog, commonly thought of as a Dachshund. Quackers was my grandest of teachers, a Professor of Unconditional Love. When she became an angel, I poured my passion for her into At-Choo, hoping that others would also feel the same way about their own beloved pet. It's turns out they did.

She was my inspiration for volunteering at the Los Angeles county shelters to give comfort, love, unzipping coats of fear, promoting and finding safety for so many dogs (and sometimes cats, even a duck and a hen) who would otherwise be euthanized. “If we are only given a certain amount of time on this ball called, Earth, it makes sense to try to make it a difference, to try to help those who have no others to help them.” Kindness, compassion, humor and gentle ways are all a part of At-Choo and all have come from the animals. “We all have souls, we just come in different packages.”

More inspiration for the Therapy Dogs, magical fairy bottles, insane bubble wands, emotional and funny pup treasures continues to come through my sarcastic Dachshund, Quizzie who was found in the garbage when she was 5 weeks old, and Doodles, my goofy and hysterical Dachshund who was adopted from a Los Angeles Shelter after being found abandoned in a building. Of course, there are many more dogs who have impacted my life and my heart and therefore, At-Choo. Dumpling, Fred and Ollie-pie, to name just a few out of a gazillion.

The designs are evolving and now include ethereal Frocks that exude romance, a certain attitude and whimsy. Every piece of clothing has on it's hang tag a story of a Professor of Love that the At-Choo Foundation has helped with medical funds so that safety could come quicker to get them out of the shelter and into love and recovery.

“There is no greater feeling than to save a life.” When you purchase a treasure from At-Choo, you are supporting a dream of mine since a child - you are helping a dog in a shelter.

- Elaine Seamans