pronounced ay-oh-ko-soo


AOKO SU is a contemporary jewelry brand designed and fabricated in New York, USA. 


Founded by designer, Ashley Jerman in the Fall of 2012. The name AOKO SU presented itself in a dream. A lucid dream wherein she was searching for the code that represented a set of values, aesthetics, and feelings - a code that was delivered in the form of four syllables - like a low whisper that makes the back of your neck shiver - ‘ay - oh - ko - soo’  Made of equal parts viscera and inherent order, AOKO SU evokes a feeling when spoken; a sentiment when worn. 


Inspired by modern architecture, ancient culture in the Americas, and the designer's contemporary urban aesthetic, AOKO SU embodies a part of each of the places the designer has called home. From the northern Rocky Mountains where the great plains heave toward the sky to the cobblestone sidewalks of the city, zeros and ones bubble up like soda fizz and create a universal code that ebbs and flows through us in waves like the surface of the sea. To them, making jewelry is a sacred offering; from conception to creation. Ancient geometry and proportion are drawn from the cosmos and manifested into jewelry in their very own studios.


AOKO SU creates a cohesive aesthetic wherein the wanderlust of the free-spirited and the effortlessly-chic coalesce. Their jewelry is found within the pages of the world’s best lifestyle and fashion magazines and on the wrists of celebrities, songstresses, and rappers alike. AOKO SU jewelry celebrates the balance between refined and raw; with natural gemstones and fine metals, AOKO SU creates the perfect personal pieces that are special enough to wear everyday. 


Their jewelry has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, W, Interview, Marie Claire, InStyle, Nylon, Glamour, NY Times, NYT Magazine, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Paper, Refinery 29, Who What Wear, Paste, Dazed & Confused, Vice, Cherry Bombe + more.