Ana Candles

Ana Candles first shipped out to customers in 1994, and they proudly remain the leader in the stripe design they created. The original Striped Taper was designed by the company’s founder Frank Weeden and was the first of its kind, transforming a common household necessity into a sensuous canvass of alternating color. Sometimes, the simplest ideas produce the most extraordinary results…

The perfect symmetry, smooth finish and deep richness of their inlaid stripes make Ana Candles everything they are today. Each season, sumptuous new palettes are selected to reflect the latest trends and delight candle lovers around the world. Ana Candles are truly a design classic and the perfect choice for decorating, celebrating and gift giving.

In the early years, molding stripes into their candles was meticulous and painstaking, and it took years of development to achieve the quality standards and production capabilities they have now. Today, their famous Striped Candles are machine made with special equipment designed and built in their original factory in Trenton, NJ. Along with the handwork that is still part of the process, each candle is a tribute to true craftsmanship and manufacturing ingenuity.

Ana Candles is dedicated to producing superior and distinctive products for our discerning customers around the globe