abanjá, a home textiles and accessories line, is modern, relaxed and elegant. Traditional handcrafts from India, North Africa and Turkey have been revisited to add a fresh new twist on ancestral pieces.

Bright color, warm natural tones, clean whites and striking accents marry beautifully to make our line of home textiles contemporary but rich in tradition. Hand woven foutas come in bold graphic styles, fine geometric embroidery patterns play up our crisp table linens, while soft stripes decorate our fringed hand towels. 

We have collaborated with artisans from other continents to produce natural materials that are soft and comfortable and easy to care for. We have brought special attention to detail, adding to our collection generous fringes, hand made pompoms in spicy shades, precise hand embroidery in shiny silver and bold hues.

abanjá’s refined yet laid back style mixes elegance with a touch of whimsy and a modern take on traditional craftsmanship. 

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