Ava Cigar Ring - Grey

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With its warm and soft design, the Ava ring Enamel Gray brings a touch of sparkle to your hand. The opacity and brilliance of the enamel brings an incredible intensity to the navy blue and light blue sapphires. A perfect combination of modernity and vintage charm.

Handmade in 18 carat recycled yellow gold with black enamel, and set with 35 precious stones : 26 navy blue sapphires and 9 light blue sapphires of which 4 are Marquise- cut. The central form elegantly fits the shape of your finger.

Enameling creates a perfectly smooth and hard-wearing coating. This technique uses colored crystal that becomes one with the gold of each piece under the action of high temperature firing, and brings out the brilliance of the precious stones.

0.95c total carat weight + 2.9g gold

1.6cm x 1cm

The stones used for Sophie's creations are all unique, their colors may vary slightly.

Please contact us if you need sizes different than those shown, would like alternate stones, rose or white gold, or if you have any questions!

Please see our note about fine jewelry shipments, under our "Shipping & Returns" section, for a brief message about jewelry shipments.

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