'Anchored in Gratitude' SilverArtifact Necklace

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Anchored in Gratitude

"Gratitude is the safest place to be in challenging times. Gratitude holds us in a place of connection and secures us in 'Love'. Anchor yourself in the feeling of gratitude and love deep in your heart. For since the beginning of time it has been understood and taught by all of the great teachers, that 'love' is the great protector. It is love that keeps the shield of protection around us." Jerusalem - 400 AD

Sterling Silver Artifact + Chain

1/2" artifact on a 18"L chain.

Handmade in Nashville,TN.

Also available with an oxidized sterling silver or 14k yellow gold chain, with a 14k yellow gold and triple diamond bail (chain loop), or in solid 14k yellow gold with a 14k gold and diamond bail. Please contact us to order.

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